Make fortune out of surplus
with Takeoff.

Takeoff is India’s first-ever mutual fund distribution platform for non-individuals. Instead of letting your funds gather dust in a current account, invest with us and reach for the stars.

Our Service

We provide the gateway to easy investments in mutual funds.

Great Return

Only the highest returns for you. Choose from top-performing funds to maximise your investment.

High liquidity

Because emergencies don’t announce their arrival. Redeem your investments and get pay-outs within 24 hours.

Growth compounding

Get exponential growth over time. Invest for the long term and multiply your amount

Why Choose Mutual Funds With Takeoff?

Wide option

A scheme for every mood. Choose from a range of different features before investing.

High Secured

Your investment is the only priority. From beginning to end, your money is safe.

Intensive support

Help is only a second away. Our team is at your disposal for any queries.

Realtime portfolio

Track your investments anytime, anywhere. Get portfolio valuations at current market prices instantly.

First and free

Revolutionising the investment experience of companies, proprietors and other non-individuals. Get free access.

Intelligently crafted

Mutual fund investments like never before. All under one roof. Try it and see!

Four steps to takeoff


Choose scheme

First you browse, then you buy. Explore the different schemes to see what fits best.


Get onboard

Three easy steps to access unlimited returns. Verify KYC and submit your documents to register.


Easy payout

Redeem your investments whenever you want. Get your money back within 24 hours.


Track investment

Check how your portfolio is performing. Real-time tracking for the optimum investment experience.

Get onboard
Get onboard


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